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1185 Meaningful bengali baby names with numerology for your baby

Are you searching for bengali baby names with meaning and numerology? If your answer is YES then you are at right place.
Numerology is one of the best method to find luck names for your baby. We have 1185 Meaningful bengali names with numerology for your baby. Everyone wants lucky and meaningful bengali name for their child but it's difficult to find. So We recommend you to use our "Advance Search" tool to filter the names by numerology, by which you can narrow the name list.
Baby Names Gender Category Numerology Meaning
aalok boy bengali 4 brightness; light; cry of victory; a man with lovely hair
aashish boy bengali 2 blessing
aashutosh boy bengali 4 one who fulfills wishes instantly
abanindra boy bengali 1
abanindranath boy bengali 8
abhijeet boy bengali 6 victorious; one who has been/has conquered
abhijit boy bengali 5 victorious
abhik boy bengali 4 beloved
abhimanuya boy bengali 5 the son of arjun in mahabharat
abhimanya boy bengali 2 the son of arjun in mahabharat
abhirup boy bengali 3 very nice; pleasing; handsome
abhoy boy bengali 6 fearless
abhra boy bengali 3 cloud
achinta boy bengali 2
achintakumar boy bengali 3
achintya boy bengali 9 lord shiva; inconceivable; beyond comprehension
adan boy bengali 2
adhusudan boy bengali 3
adler boy bengali 4 eagle
agantuk boy bengali 3
aghor boy bengali 4 shiva
aharsi boy bengali 2
ahendra boy bengali 6
ahendranath boy bengali 4
ainak boy bengali 9
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Importants of name
We would also like to put focus on a point that name with numerology is lucky but it doesnot mean that name without numerology is unlucky. If you get a good bengali name and if it doesnot match with child’s numerology then you can continue with that name also. Name is an identity of a person for his entire life time, so we also recommend that name should be impressive and also easy to pronounce in his area. In some region parents choose the starting latter of the names by zodiac sign of the child. We also suggest parents to keep a bengali name which is short and easy to understand, sometime long and hard names will create a chance for typographic mistake at some place.


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